Month: November 2015

Firefighter Gets Face Transplant

I always say this but skin is unbelievably STUNNING! As the largest organ it holds the power to completely turn a persons life around. Patrick Hardison a volunteer firefighter, from Mississippi was responding to a fire when the roof collapsed in on him. This incident happened in 2001, which left his face completely disfigured because […]

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Thanksgiving is over, so now its time to start eating healthier. Here are a list of the best superfoods to get you back on track…until Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa (or the next holiday or party you celebrate) that is. // Berries \\ Take out the snoz and you are left with berries! Thats right, berries are wonderful for […]

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Skin Scoop

// Twins Suffered From Cystic Acne \\ Read the story – // Sugar is bad for your skin \\ Ahhhhhhhhhhh yes sugar sugar, you devil you. As much as we all love sugar its BAAAAAAAAAD for your skin. How bad? Take a look… // // Skincare Mistakes \\ It’s so important to take good care […]

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Silly Thanksgiving Videos!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I hope everyone is sharing it with your loved ones. 🙂 // Addams Family – Thanksgiving Scene. Wednesday Addams is epic! Love Love Love her in this movie. // SNL – Hilarious. Thanks Adele! “I love Thanksgiving turkey.. it’s the only time in Los Angeles that you see natural breast” – Arnold Schwarzenegger […]

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Guess Who??

1st Set of Clues… Aries, Foreign born (outside US), Was chubby growing up // Hmm… if you saw this person now, you would never know they were chubby growing up \\ 2nd Set of Clues… Oldest of 3, Used to carry a Gucci bag to school, Worked as a promo model // Gucci bag… wow […]

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Bizarre Beauty Trends

Beauty companies market all different kinds of trends for us to follow. Some are pretty reasonable and some are down right silly or bizarre. Take a look at these beauty trends. Which one would you try?? *Freck Yourself* – Remi Brixton is the founder of Freck Yourself. She invented a cosmetic product that can give anyone […]

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