Month: October 2015

Guess Who??

1st Set Of Clues… Leo, Southern, Eats every part of an apple (core, seeds, stem) // Southern…hmmm I wonder if they have a heavy accent? \\ 2nd Set Of Clues… Played rugby at Oxford, Left-Handed, A Rhodes Scholar // Studied Read More

Skin Scoop

1. Viral memes can be funny but also scary! Especially if its you and has something to do with your skin. Take a look at Ashley Vanpevenage response when her face went viral due to a acne breakout. 2. Rob Read More


There have been a lot of articles about Albinism lately, so I decided to look further into it. I must admit I am not too familiar Albinism. The only thing that comes to mind is the movie Powder (which I Read More