Cardiovascular Disease & Eczema

Dermatology Times published an article yesterday expressing a link between atopic dermatitis and cardiovascular disease. According to their study: Study: 387,439 atopic eczema patients were matched

How to Not Get Sick with Dr. Mike

As the temperature drops, we tend to hear a lot more coughs, sniffling noses, and anything else associated with colds. And with Thanksgiving and the

Skin Talk

Happy World Atopic Eczema Day

It’s happening! The eczema movement is growing exponentially and there’s nothing more exhilarating than knowing that voices are louder than ever and people are listening. Today September 14, 2018, OFFICIALLY marks the first ever ‘World

Nanomesh is the Future

I’m always fascinated to see where technology is headed when it comes to our health. Nanomesh is coming in hot for the future of skin tech. Lighter than regular skin cells, completely breathable and flexible, this

Scar Wars